Clan News

11 Suns Dawn, 2E 590 - The clan has struck. After weeks looking for leads, the Grumaari tracked down the Elves responsible for their hold's attack, and did battle with them in the Bangkorai region. The elves in charge escaped, but a price was paid in blood...14 Morning Star, 2E 590 - A pyre burns just north of Dumak Yall in the mountains leading up to the ruined stronghold. There, Yazga gra-Sharnakh is honored before the clan in attendance. There, an oath is sworn, and though it may yet seem extreme, it speaks to the depth of what the fallen Hunt-Wife meant to not just the Chieftain, but to the Forge Wife and the Clan."And if the wretched assailants perish before we find them, I will slay gods and slice open Atherius in my quest to find them..."13 Morning Star, 2E 590 - A mournful howl echoes through the sleeping village of Dumak Yal in the pre dawn hours of the morning. As another day greets the recovering Grumaari hold, as plans are made to rebuild, regrow, and regroup stronger than before, yet more loss crashes upon an already battered people.Despite their best efforts the healers that had been so diligently working toward the Hunt-Wife's recovery have failed and are seen marching from the longhouse with heads hung low in grief and defeat. So too does Yazga depart for a final time, not on a hunt to feed the clan she'd loved so much but for the Ashpit to join all those Grumaari who had fallen before her.11 Morning Star, 2E 590 - News came out that the Shield Wife, Nazulbesh gra-Shad, perished in the rockslides that came down on Dumak Yal while protecting others from the disaster that struck the clan. She was honored with a pyre in private, and her ashes are being used to forge several swords and shields for the ardent defenders of the clan.8 Morning Star, 2E 590 - At the Clan Moot, the clan was attacked by 12 Altmer wielding magic and siege power. The stronghold has been destroyed, and the clan forced to relocate to Dumak Yal.19 Evening Star, 2E 589 - A shipment of supplies has arrived to the village of Dumak Yal in final preparation for the coming winter. The chieftain has extended the invitation that any orc wanting to avoid being isolated in the mountains can winter in the village.

Clan Story

The Clan is reeling after a year of loss, betrayal, and hardship. Following the Nozarga War, the False Watch, and departures of once loyal kin, the Grumaari set out anew with a single goal: endure the winter's cruelty.The Chieftain has summoned a gathering of the clan at Mor'Grumaar Stronghold, where a Moot will be held to commemorate winter's arrival...... at the moot, Vurrax and Malghaz were named Bloodkin, and the news of the Forge Wife being with child was welcomed, only to be interupted with the barrage of attacks against the mountain side.The attacks were swiftly followed by the collapsing of the sacred forge, and soon the rest of the hold. The clan came face to face with their attackers, twelve Altmer protected by a magical barrier.With nowhere to go, the clan
jumped from the mountain, defeated, and now recovered in Dumak Yal.
There, they rebuilt what was destroyed in the aftermath and sought answers in tracking the Elves. Eventually, the Altmer were located in Bangkorai. The Grumaari tracked them down and battle was joined.The Grumaari were victorious, but the elves in charge of bringing down the hold still escaped.


The Guild

Founded in the months prior to the Elder Scrolls Online's launch, Mor'Grumaar is the oldest, still active, Orcish roleplaying guild centered around a clan of Orsimer people. Make no mistake, we follow the lore of a traditional stronghold with a number of important changes to better facilitate a functional guild where its members can embrace their creativity and storytelling. Elements of our lore involve a chieftain who runs a mercenary warband, allowing for multiple avenues to partake as a member of the guild. Do you want to walk a more traditional path, or a path that has you on the road often? The choice is yours. While the leadership in RP may expect the clan's members to gradually learn the ways of their people, we are not against bringing Orsimer that come from atraditional backgrounds such as city orcs or even those who follow the likes of Trinimac. Of course that comes with a caveat, and that is that choices and consequences - whether simple background stories or choices in guild RP - matter.At it's heart, Mor'Grumaar is here to provide an immersive backdrop for its members - a living breathing stronghold that will have stories told about its members from the newest of new bloods to the chieftain himself. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone who joins us will get to experience a guild that has years of history behind it.Our guild is friendly and open to those with varying schedules. We are LGBTQ friendly, and we pride ourselves on our integrity as a guild. While our RP content is most certainly only for adults and those who are neither squeamish nor prudish, our community is like a family, and we are always looking out for new blood!

The Clan

"We're Orcs. We will never find acceptance and that's alright. We don't need it. No one can best us. No one can conquer us. Let that fact keep our enemies up at night. They can howl and they can call us savages. We will keep on living. And fighting. The strong endure and the weak perish. That is our way.Our people are steeped in a bloody history. Our future will be equally as bloody. That is our way. We are born as pariahs, we shall die as pariahs. When I came upon this clan I came upon a family under siege by enemies on all sides. I do not take my responsibility to you all lightly... those very enemies will soon feel the bite of our axes. Our forges shall burn. Our shields will endure. When the dust settles, Mor'Grumaar will not only be standing, it will be standing above those who would tear us down. This is a new dawn for the Grumaari."

Hierarchy of the Hold

In any Orc Stronghold, a Chieftain is the strongest Orc and may only be replaced by challenge. In Mor'Grumaar, this too is the case. Unlike other clans however where the hierarchy is based entirely on a strict interpretation of the Code of Malacath, the Grumaari choose a different way.The Chieftain is still the leader of the clan and stronghold, and his word is law. Surrounding him are his wives, traditionally that of the Hunt Wife and Forge Wife, who not only advise him, but help lead the rest of the clan as well.Where many clans are entirely based around the concept of bloodline and family, Mor'Grumaar was established by Grumaar Bloodaxe, and from the very beginning Mor'Grumaar has been a family of pariahs among pariahs. Clan is family, whether by blood or by deed and the bonds of experience. Those who are new are welcomed in and expected to do their part, yet once they have earned the vouching of others and complete their rites of passage, they are named Blood Kin, and thus part of the clan. Those Blood Kin who go above and beyond in their oaths to the clan are Honored, and may find themselves earning titles and accolades.

Ranks and Ascension

Outsider - The default role upon joining the Discord. Outsiders are limited to only a few pertinent channels for application within. It allows prospective members to receive a warm welcome and ask any questions they may have on building their character, the guild in general, the introduction process, etc.Newcomer - Promoted from Outsider upon a character's successful introduction and IC invitation to the clan. Full Discord access is granted. This role is intended as a two-week trial period to ensure newcomers settle in well within the guild both IC and OOC, and offers an easy 'out' if they decide we're not a good fit. No hard feelings if that's the case!Unproven - Promoted from Newcomer after the two-week period ends. Unproven have shown they intend to serve by the clan's side, and may freely share the hold's barracks and hearth with the rest of the Grumaari, though they are not yet considered of the clan. A character may desire to remain Unproven indefinitely due to a commitment or cause outside the clan, or they may wish to build up the honor and trust of one day becoming a true Grumaari Blood-Kin. In the case of the latter, it is a time to learn what it means to be Grumaari, to serve a clan.Blood-Kin - A title bestowed upon those who have proven themselves worthy of being named kin to the chief himself, and all who serve under him. It grants the right of clanship and the ability to transition into roles of greater responsibility and trust. Blood-Kin are also entitled to their own private quarters IC located beneath the barracks in Dumak Yal. (This is a way of saying, you get a free house! If you do not already own the Hammerdeath Bungalow player home, the clan will purchase it for you upon your character's blooding, to be decorated as you please.)Though Mor'Grumaar's doors are more open than most clans, they do not lightly grow their ranks. Becoming Blood-Kin is a matter of time and/or deed, and not all earn this honor in the same way. But one thing is consistent: it is only given to those who earn the trust of the clan, not merely the chief and his wives. Some may perform a valiant act during battle, or slay a prominent foe to be recognized. Others may simply toil loyally and consistently, building their status as one might build a house, brick by brick.Whatever the cause, when an existing Blood-Kin member recognizes an Unproven as worthy of ascension, the blooded will draw up a petition detailing the Unproven's worthiness to be posted on the notice board in the feast hall (and in its Discord thread). Other Blood-Kin may inscribe their support upon the petition, or give reason for its denial. Any existing Blood-Kin member may draw up a petition without prior approval from the chief or his council.If no such reason is given, the Unproven will next be approached by the Forge Wife, Skorga One-Tusk, or told to seek her out. She will ask that they present a token of their commitment to Mor'Grumaar. The token may be a weapon or armor forged, or plundered from an enemy in battle; a more humble craft, such as a tool or textile; an artifact found by the Unproven abroad, or signifying something from their past. It may be something already existing, or something the Unproven requires aid to bring to fruition, but it must be something that bears meaning to the Unproven that presents it. Once obtained, Skorga will inscribe the token with the Grumaari seal, to signify the Unproven's commitment to the clan and the clan to them.Finally, the Unproven brings their token before the chieftain. Upon his inspection, they are declared Blood-Kin, with all honors therein.When a Blood-Kin has exceeded all expectations and has gone above and beyond his or her ability to serve the clan, they may be Honored by the clan. This is when the Chieftain and/or his Wives and Counsel take note of a Blood-Kin's contributions. This Blood-Kin will then be selected to undergo the Rite of Honor, a trial performed with only one other (the details, kept from the clan at large as each Orc who undergoes the trial will find themselves challenged in their own way.)Upon completion of the Rite of Honor, the new Honored Blood Kin will be recognized, and often granted a deed name to honor their feats.


Not all Orcs are warriors and hunters. Indeed, some are blacksmiths, others are cooks, while some are devious mages casting blood magic under the cover of darkness. In an effort to recognize the different paths an Orc may choose in life, while "divisions" are not feasible, there will be Callings that a member can take on.Callings are not a hard set rule one has to follow. An Orc can involve himself in many things, such as fighting, smithing, cooking, etc. There may be warrior shamans, or blacksmiths that hunt. Recognizing one's calling, however, allows for an Orc to make it known not only who they are, but what they are, and how they can contribute to the clan. Are you a healer? By designating yourself as such, whenever a healer is needed, it will be easy for you to be found among the other faces in the clan.Any Orc can have multiple Callings.An Orc who excels at his calling may be recognized and eventually earn a Title. This is different from an Honored Blood-Kin's Deed Name, as Titles may be challenged for and won in traditional Orcish bloodsport.

The Clan

The Chieftain and His Wives

The Chieftain is the law of the clan, the final say in all matters. His wives are equally as strong willed, wielding their own authority within. They counsel him and together they form the core leadership of the stronghold. While the Chief may have other advisors he listens to, he is wise to first listen to the words spoken by his wives.The wives, in the chieftain's absence, run the clan. Any concerns a Blood Kin may have, they can bring to any of the Chieftain's Wives if they are unable to meet with the Chieftain for any reason.

Skorga One-Tusk - Forge Wife

Blood Kin of Clan Grumaar

These are the Grumaari who have come face to face with the Rites of Passage and earned the title of Blood Kin. They are clan, and while not bound by blood they are thus family. Warriors, hunters, mages, cooks, shaman, they come from all backgrounds, but in the end each and every one of them is considered to be Grumaari.


Lugberz gro-Kesh

Morga gra-Naak

Vurrax Kin-Bearer

Garron gro-Grul'shub

Krommok gro-Larkh

Malghaz gro-Bahm

Lar'leera gra-Grumaar

Matuk gro-Gorlak

Scaegar gro-Malaud

Newcomers and the Unproven

Do not mistake the term 'Unproven' as denoting that of weakness. The Orcs here have come to dwell with the clan and have chosen to undergo the Rites of Passage. One day they may be known as clan, but even now they are fierce and strong as any Orc should be.

Agronath gro-Nahsaru

Ghorna gra-Korstug

Sharaz Bolgar

Draga gra-Agarak

Golga Blight-Iron

Varakesh gra-Skaldara

Duna gra-Dulshara

Khaag the Dreamer

Clan Denizens

Characters that are marked as clan denizens are characters that are considered alternate characters of various members of the clan! Some of them are characters that are played fairly frequently, but others may be retired from play!

Boghra gra-Sarglath

Fhara gra-Vola

Ushna gra-Uldushna

Clan NPCs

There are several characters within Mor'Grumaar that are of "NPC Status." Some of these are even actual NPC characters in the form of Houseguests and Assistants!



The Ashen Forge

Some characters leave their mark on the clan in ways that cannot be quantified. Those listed in the Ashen Forge are characters who are either fallen, or belong to members who have departed the game while leaving an everlasting and positive impression on us all. Their characters are paid just tribute.

Thrusk gro-Bogroth
(Chieftain, Deceased)

Kai-reth gra-Morkul
(Forgemaster, MIA)

Nazulbesh gra-Shad
(Shield-Wife, Deceased)

Duma gro-Nagrom
(Warcaller, Deceased)

Yazga gra-Sharnakh
(Hunt-Wife Deceased)

Gaegron Snowmane
(MIA and Soulless)

Dumak Yal

All clans have their territory. Mor'Grumaar once stood proudly in the mountains of Wrothgar, a vast stronghold built on top of a ruin lost to distant memory. Alas, nothing lasts forever, and the Grumaari stronghold has since been rendered a distant memory. Fortunately, the Grumaari have another home to fall back to. Dumak Yal, a beautiful riverside village south of the stronghold, crossing into the Bangkorai region.

The Longhouse

The Seat of the Chieftain, the Feast Hall of the Clan, and a central gathering point for the Grumaari in times of brevity and in times of war. The longhouse is equipped with a bounty board for mercenaries, a weaver's corner, alchemist's nook, and a war table for planning the clan's moves. The kitchen is well stocked, and at the far end, the chieftain and his wives have their own quarters.

The Barracks

Beds, a comfortable hearth, baths, and doors leading to more private quarters for the proven of the clan. The barracks are a place for the clan to come and unwind, to relax after a day's hard work, a battle well fought, or a long day in the wilds.

The Forge

The anvil sings day and night. A frequent place to find the Forge Wife of the clan as well as the Quartermaster, the forge is a true embodiment of the Grumaari, with the sounds of metal echoing at all hours of the day and night.

The Falls

Besides a beautiful place to lay one's eyes across, the Falls are a place for anyone looking to get away from the busyness of the docks or the longhouse. Behind the falls, torches are lit, and furs are spread out for those who come to get away and find a moment of solitude.

The Shrine of Vengeance

The Shrine of Vengeance is not your typical Malacath shrine, where one burns troll fat and invokes a curse or an oath. Instead, it is a place where the Orcs of the Grumaari come to test their steel with their fellow Bloodkin. Warriors are forged at this hallowed shrine.

Before You Apply

Before you apply to Mor’Grumaar it is important to keep in mind a few things. We as a guild have a long and rich history, and we take pride in having a consistent theme and tone for our guild. We play a traditional Orcish Stronghold. Obviously, there’s some caveats in order to make the guild function properly, because a true strict traditionalist guild would probably be contained to a handful of folks all playing blood relations or spouses and that might not be the most fun experience for everyone.That said, before you think about applying, keep in mind the following.Are you okay with joining a guild that is entirely composed of one race and/or culture. While we do interact and plan to interact more with other groups and guilds, our predominant brand of RP is among ourselves and thus among other Orsimer. Some players prefer to interact with a variety of others, so before you apply ask yourself if this is something you enjoy.Are you okay with creating a character that fits in. There are a lot of creative options that folks have come and gone with, but not all of them work. While yes, the option fits in RP, and the options are creative and cool, not all of them are meant for the guild.Note, there is a difference between having a character whose ideologies and world views conflict with others within the guild, and creating a character who is simply designed to be different from everyone else in the guild. We encourage folks to fit in and not stand out in such a way that they may not enjoy their experience.Are you comfortable with our more mature themes? While we won’t ever bludgeon you over the head with it or force you to engage in situations you are uncomfortable with, we do have adult content to varying degrees that gets explored within the stronghold, especially of the brutal and savage kind.If these three things are right up your alley? Come and apply!

We here at Mor'Grumaar are almost always recruiting, and we are seeking folks willing to take a chance and embrace their inner Orsimer! To that end, these are the goals that we share as a guild:- To foster a heavy and lore appropriate roleplaying atmosphere for those who play Orsimer of a traditional origin. While there are some changes to the traditional stronghold within the clan, it is largely kept in the spirit of what we know about the Orcs via questing in Wrothgar and even in TES5 (albeit without the history!)- To provide a sanctuary for those that wish to roleplay a barbaric character and may not have many options outside the traditional "everyone bands together" fare or the mercenary companies.- To provide a unique experience for the member base that cannot be found anywhere else. In a sea of noble houses of both man and mer, of monstrous vampire dens and criminal underworlds, we are going to provide a place where those who want to embrace their inner orc and immerse themselves in the culture of this proud warrior race.This guild has gone through several successful transformations. We've survived droughts where member turnover was higher than member recruitment, and turned that into a compelling story of an Orsimer Clan taking its lumps. We've had membership booms where it feels like we are growing and are unstoppable. Interested? Then I leave you with these points as to just what exactly we are looking for:- Orc Roleplayers. We want you if you play an Orc and want to join a clan. Orsimer Roleplayers are finite in number, and while we are not against close allies that come around the stronghold, or even hang out in our discord, we also want to keep our guild filled with the pariah folk. There are many guilds that are multi-race, multi-cultural, but as an orcish stronghold in the most northern reaches of Wrothgar, we want this guild to be for Orcs and only for Orcs.- Activity is highly encouraged. Those of us in the guild will freely admit that Orcs in the Elder Scrolls are a niche interest. After all, we play the ugly, the scorned, and the vengeful. There are misconceptions about Orc lore that float about based on people's limited experience with Orsimer, and so in many ways that puts us right there in the shoes of the pariah folk! If you join us we ask that you are an active member, because we are only as strong, and as visible as our membership! We are not the Chieftain Show... we are powered by the members that we recruit!- Maturity. We will not allow anyone under 18, and we ask that all members remember that they are adults. OOC drama will not be tolerated, while IC drama will be welcomed! Folks should come to the officers if they have any problems with other members and handle any OOC conflicts with maturity.- Cliques will not be tolerated. Everyone will have preferred folks that they enjoy to interact with, just as characters will have those they are closer with, but we want to see members interacting with each other at least on a semi regularly basis. A stronghold should feel, in many ways, like one big occasionally brutish family. We may not all get along, but in the end we'll stand together!- While we play the savage and bestial Orcs that occasionally are quite foul tempered, as a guild we believe in a welcoming atmosphere and the principles of being inclusive and decent. We are LGBTQ friendly and will not tolerate any form of sexism, racism, transphobia, or divisive out of character rhetoric. Our characters do not necessarily reflect our out of character values! This is a place for all people who wish to explore their creativity in embodying the Orsimer people.Still with us?Good. Make sure you have this website handy. You'll need it to access to the clan's handbook and important information. Now all you need to do is join the guild's discord server, introduce yourself and apply. May your sword be sharp, and may you have the tusks to join us.Click Here to Join Our Discord

Introductions and You

You’ve applied to Mor’Grumaar via our new discord application process. What next? One of the biggest changes we have made to Mor’Grumaar is in how we finish the application process. This change involves doing an introduction RP before we finish the application process. There’s a few reasons for this.The first reason is because in the past we have accepted members, do their introduction RP days after they apply and get accepted, and discover that they are not necessarily a fit for us, either because their character is not a fit for us, or their writing or RP style is not a fit for us. It is part of the vetting process, and so we want to get a feel for how one RPs. This is also important as it pertains to knowing if someone is newer or more experienced. If someone is newer to roleplay we want to be able to know what we are working with and how we can help them improve while taking this journey into our guild.The second reason is because oftentimes in the past we have accepted members, but then they get lost in the shuffle, and the introduction RP either doesn’t happen and then they disappear/leave the guild or their introduction RP is simply… a bad impression. Introduction RP is hard. Let’s be honest. Intro RP is the hardest RP because not only is the new member making an impression on the guild… but the guild is making an impression on the new member.When it comes to introductions, what matters is making a splash. It does not have to be a lengthy eight hour scenario where the clan rescues the newcomer, or the newcomer helps out a clan member. It can be as simple as a chance meeting in the Orsinium tavern, or crossing paths traveling on the road, or trade in Morkul. If your orc is seeking out the Grumaari, they’d be able to reach the clan!Whatever the introduction, remember that it should fit the character being introduced. An orc that is known more for being a tradesman should perhaps have a scenario befitting that. An orc who is a warrior should probably show off their warrior skills. There is no hard set rule, but keep in mind who your character is, and your introduction will be easy!

One Minor Concern

Very often, it is possible that seeking a guild ends with finding one that seems to be a perfect match, only to run into that one thing that brings forth one particular concern. There is that one things that can make you hesitant and wonder if in fact the guild is going to be a fit. It might be timezones, or a particular piece of lore, or an RP style that may or may not mesh.With Orc Guilds in particular, one aspect of Orc Culture that always gets brought up as a deterrent, especially for female or female identifying applicants, is that in the greater sum of Orc Lore, women are subjected to belonging to the chieftain in some way shape or form, either as wives or daughters expected to marry other chieftains and thus become wives themselves. As a guild we decided a long time ago that this part of lore just could not fly, but in an effort to acknowledge the custom, we forged an In Character cultural deviation with the Grumaari.While storywise, the chieftain of the clan can have multiple wives, it is one hundred percent consentual, and any other women in the clan are free to choose for themselves what they want to do with their lives. While there are certain aspects of Orc Culture that we whole heartedly embrace for a compelling story, this is not one of them.If there any concerns about this while applying, please feel free to reach out to the leadership team and we'll be glad to alleviate any concerns you might have!


Player Etiquette

Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior among a group of people. It is how you represent yourself, and your guild, in the roleplaying community. We are a guild intended for roleplayers who can behave maturely, and treat others with respect and compassion despite any indifferences they may have in terms of rp style, etiquette, personal opinion, and interpretation of the lore. We do not tolerate negativity, hostility, or harassment of any form within our guild.Such behavior is grounds for immediate removal from the community. We are also willing to self censor when it comes to the kind of RP we partake in. ERP is not permitted in /say or /guild chat at any time ever. While we expect our members to be 18 years or older, certain content should be left to private whispers, party chats, and if you must use local chat then go to your own private player home and make sure nobody can visit. The same goes with any other excessive content.We also expect members to be mature enough to remove themselves from a situation that they are uncomfortable with. There may on occasion be events and scenarios which have content of a graphically violent, or occasionally sexual nature and if the content you are a part of is not something you are comfortable with, communicate responsibly and extract yourself from the scenario. Nobody should ever feel uncomfortable (unless they want to) in a roleplay with us, but you have to do your part to communicate if you are so that we know how to adjust to players’ needs in the future.One final note about player etiquette. If you for any reason decide to leave the guild. Please let leadership know and give us a note as to why. We can’t improve if we don’t know why you are leaving. Leaving without warning is unfortunate, please just shoot us a message!

Character Over Achievement

One of the great many prides this guild has is the fact that we are heavily story and character focused. Mor'Grumaar is known for its yearly campaigns - from month long arcs to entire seasons in which the clan must overcome a foe that has threatened their existence. In between those massive stories are arguably much more important moments - the moments between characters and the bonds that they forge with their fellow orc.That is because in this guild we value storytelling and character development over achievement. Throughout the years our ranking structure has constant evolved to try and cater to our numbers, whether we are swelling and bursting at the seems or whether we are going through a slower and quieter period. This is also because we want to have our structure be something that can serve the guild narratively.What we will never be is a guild that focuses on individual achievement. When one is part of Mor'Grumaar, they should understand that the reward for partaking in the clan's activities, for RPing constantly, for being engaged in the stories... is being able to do those things. We're not a guild that will offer a carrot in order for folks to engage. The rites of passage to become in-character full members are completely in character, tools for character growth, not for OOC achievement. We will never be a guild that caters to people who are joining because they want to seek personal glory or recognition for being active and engaged. Being active and engaged in a roleplay guild is the reward.


The orc roleplaying community in the Elder Scrolls Online is quite small, and it can be difficult for orc roleplay to thrive as a direct result. Therefore, we expect each of our members to have a reasonable level of activity within the guild. What that means is that we are counting on you to actively participate in roleplay and voluntarily interact with other guild members. We rely heavily on guild participation in order to keep the community active and thriving with unique roleplay opportunities. Every member in the guild is equally important and has a role to play. Of course, we each have lives outside of the Elder Scrolls Online, and you will never be faulted for that. But if you apply to join our guild, we will expect to see you make an effort to progress your character's own unique story and roleplay with us outside of major events.We strongly encourage the members of our community, and even those outside of our community, to compose their own stories and their own events! A constant lack of participation will ultimately lead to guild removal and that is not something we wish to ever resort to. Join us because you want to be a part of our community! We are not an alt-dumping ground but a place to tell high quality stories with our Orsimer characters! We will never demand real life comes before the game, but we do believe if you join a guild you are committing to participating and we will hold every player accountable to that. We do not expect every day or every hour of your time, but a bare minimum is desired! Mor'Grumaar cannot thrive without participation from its amazing members!Please remember this: you get out of the guild what you put into it. If you can only play once a week, your progress in getting good RP might be limited. If you never come to our events despite being in the game a lot, you will almost certainly fail in your character’s growth within the clan. We won’t pressure you to be on and with us all of the time, but if you don’t put in, you won’t get anything out of us.

Conflict and You

Conflict is inevitable anytime a group of people get together for any reason. We are all unique with our own individual thoughts and perspectives, and sometimes you can't always agree to disagree with someone else. Communication is the key to resolving conflict. If someone upsets or offends you, the best course of action is to speak with that person privately. They may not have intended to cause any suffering.Anyone found intentionally creating drama within the community will be swiftly removed. We expect for our members to handle conflict maturely and among themselves in a way as to be discreet and minimize unnecessary guild-wide drama. If this cannot be done for whatever reason, then an administrator should be notified of the issue as soon as possible so that they may try to find a solution.That said, conflict in RP is a part of who we are. We are playing Orsimer and that means our characters will quite often butt heads and clash. One of the mantras of this guild is: in-character actions have in-character consequences. If your orc breaks a clan law they will have to answer for it in some way shape or form. Don’t be afraid to lose a scenario, and don’t be afraid to have bad things happen to your character! We will never permakill a player’s character or permanently damage them without consent. If any officer tries to do these things, please alert leadership immediately so that we can rectify the situation.

Mature Content and the Guild

Mor’Grumaar is a guild that embraces the fact that it has an 18+ tag. We play a culture and race that is seen as savage and barbaric and in many ways those aspects are true. To that end, read on and understand exactly the role mature content plays in our guild, some do’s and don’ts and general guidance for those unsure.Firstly, understand what mature content means.Mature Content may contain:
Graphic Violence
Crude and Harsh Language
Sexual Content of differing elements
Touchy or possibly controversial subjects
Simply put, situations that require maturity among the membership to handle
It is very important to understand that all of the above may at some point be featured within our guild’s roleplay. That said, not everyone is game for every aspect of mature content. To be clear, nobody will ever be forced to partake in a scene that they are personally uncomfortable with. That said, by joining the guild it is important that you acknowledge that while you may choose not to partake, there may be scenes going on, and you may hear references and insinuations of these scenes.Nothing we do however will be done for the sake of it. We will never be violent just to appease the inner gore hound in some of us, that violence has a purpose. If there are innuendos or insinuations of more “spicy” interactions, it is likely the result of interpersonal relationships developed by the Orcs in the clan. There will certainly be harsh language depending on the Orcs involved, and there may be situations that are touchy.Of note: within any of our clan holdings, we still ask that any kind of RP that could be labeled as “ERP” be kept to whispers or party chat. We are not an ERP guild, so while we will not frown on people who choose to take part, not everyone needs or wants to see full descriptions of Orcs bumping uglies in local chats. On the flip side, if you choose to insinuate something that’s going on, it is acceptable provided you do it in a manner that isn’t graphic or making others uncomfortable.


What kinds of characters are you looking for?

Orsimer of course! We are an Orc Clan, and while we appreciate others who try to play other races and cultures and maybe put them in a scenario in which they are fish out of water, the Orc player base is small when compared to others, and so we really only recruit those of an Orcish nature. That said, what kind of Orc does not matter.There have been misconceptions in the past that we only want stronghold orcs who cling to tradition. The clan is a semi traditional clan, deviating from some of the most rigid and limiting features of orc culture in order to be able to function as a guild and a storytelling environment for all sorts of Orc characters.

What is your disposition towards Monster Characters like Werewolves/Vampires/Etc?

From a purely OOC standpoint, if you have the vampirism or werewolf skill line, we have no issues with that! From an in-character perspective, it really depends on how the situation is approached. The guild supports the creativity of its members, but it also has a hard limit as well on what it will accept.The guild's policy is that we won't deny someone who has a creative story behind their character. That said just keep in mind if your character is out and open about being a werewolf or a vampire, it may create a certain level of conflict that you may or may not be prepared for. Our policy with afflicted characters is that less is more - if you have an idea and want to run with it, approach it from an angle that creates fulfilling RP for yourself and for others rather than railroading yourself or others into an all out confrontation based on the character's nature.

What sort of players are you looking for?

In many ways, Mor'Grumaar has come to feel like a family... and we want players who wish to fit into that atmosphere. Storytellers with open minds, kind nature, and a desire to stick together and enjoy their time in ESO and perhaps even beyond it.

What sort of RP Quality do you expect from members?

We support all level of RP, as everyone has to start somewhere. That said, we highly encourage folks to really get into the deep end of storytelling. We want folks who will RP during downtimes and not just during events, folks who really enjoy writing for their characters. In the "olden days" of RP guilds, we might be classified as a "Heavy" RP Guild.

How inclusive as a guild are you?

While the Orsimer folk may be fierce, and our RP can sometimes get brutal, as a guild I'd like to think we are very inclusive and diverse. We absolutely are LGBTQA+ friendly, as well as supportive towards those who may be marginalized, disabled, or otherwise going through real life matters that can sometimes make life hard.It has been written before. Mor'Grumaar is family. This guild supports its members and stands by them. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination towards anyone, and we absolutely will address any such issues swiftly as soon as it is brought to leadership's attention. We believe in Mor'Grumaar as a safe environement where people can be themselves while exploring the stories we tell.

How do you address problematic issues revolving around Orc Culture?

I encourage folks reading this to look around the rest of the carrd to see how the clan specifically addresses those issues in further detail. However, I will provide a quick run down to show you the differences between us and some elements of Orc Culture in the game and the game's written lore.

The first item is the matter of a Chief and his Wives. While the Chieftain of the Grumaari does practice polyamory/polygamy and takes multiple wives, women in the Grumaari are seen as equals.Therefore, his wives have chosen to be with him, and the women of the stronghold are neither obligated nor even encouraged to become wives. Furthermore, the clan allows for any orc to take a mate within the clan if they so choose.Malacath is venerated by the Grumaari, but it is not the sole purpose of the guild's functioning to be a band of zealous Malacath devotees. Indeed, we just came out of a guild campaign in which the enemy were so zealous they committed atrocities and had to be stopped. There are rituals and religious rites the priests of Mor'Grumaar will perform, but the Chieftain is an irreverant sort who encourages Orcs to not just live their lives with vengeance, but rather encourages Orcs to live their lives freely.

Mor'Grumaar has had many talented artists come through its ranks over the years, and several members of the broader ESO and art communities have also been commissioned to do our characters' as well! Here is a gallery of some of that art, as well as links to each respective artist at the bottom!

List of Artists

Nazulbesh gra-Shad -
GrumpyVivec -
Frost Llamzon -
Sylthuria -
Lar'Leera and Skorga - Part of the Guild, Links TBA